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We are a full-stack multi-media and graphic design agency based in Milton, Ontario, Canada. We help small business owners build authentic, effective digital footprints in today’s highly-competitive marketplace. We design anything from impactful business logos to complex interactive websites with exceptional user experiences.
Their passion is to provide innovative solutions to everyday problems. They aim to enhance their clients’ lives with designs, apps, and products that are well-thought-through, eye-catching, and easy to use. Their goal is to create designs that accurately reflect the people behind the business.


Leef Designs is owned and operated by Marlee Finch, Multi-Media Designer.


Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
Ontario College Certificate Art Fundamentals 
Honours Bachelor of Interaction Design
Undergraduate Certificate in 
Creativity and Creative Problem Solving


After attaining an Ontario college certificate in Art Fundamentals at the Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in 2018, Marlee went on to complete a Bachelor of Interaction Design (Hons.), and obtained an Undergraduate Certificate in Creativity and Creative Problem Solving, graduating in spring 2022.
Her passion for design began at an early age. She completed Comm. Tech courses from grades 10 to 12, a form of design studies that was new at the time. This course allowed her to gain practical work experience working at a local design studio. She learned to use Adobe software and experienced numerous client interactions.
She completed two dual credit programs with St. Clair Windsor, one in the field of animation and the other in the field of customer service and communications. A dual credit program spans over one semester and allows high school students to gain both a high school and college credit. She obtained this during a SHSM program (Specialist High Skills Major). Animation sparked her interest in creating small advertisements for businesses, and the customer service and communications course taught her how to improve her customer service skills.
Marlee decided to study Interactive Design because it allowed her to learn multiple areas in one program. She learned graphic design principles, UX/UI design, coding, and 3D design throughout her schooling career. Interactive Design allowed her to explore two of the fields she is most passionate about. She particularly enjoys building paths and designing with people in mind – the psychology of design.
Her graphic design projects at school were all UX/UI-based. Some focused on working with existing apps, and others involved problem-solving. While completing these projects she performed different roles. She learned project management and good collaboration skills.
Marlee excelled so well in her co-op placement, that she was hired as an employee after graduation, where she now works in addition to her design business. 


For specialist graphic design, as well as 3D design and UX & UI design, you can rely on Leef Designs to help you establish and grow a successful brand.

2D Design

Logo, Business Cards, Branding, Social Media Banners, Business Letterheads, and more!

3D Design

3D printing, Booth Design & 3D renders

UX & UI Design

Website Design, App prototyping using Adobe XD & Figma


If you require expert graphic designs, 3D design or UX/UI design, Leef Designs is your go-to multi-media designer.
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