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In today’s highly-competitive marketplace, professional graphic design will help your brand to stand out from your competitors. What makes your business unique? Your ideal customers are waiting to hear your authentic brand story so that they can connect with your brand on an emotional level. There is no better way to tell your story, than through your brand and branding materials.
We custom design graphics to meet your unique needs. Through the expert use of images, colours, fonts, and existing branding elements, we create graphics that tell your brand story and bring your vision to life. Leef Designs offers a comprehensive range of graphic design, 3D Design, and UX/UI design solutions to help position your brand for success.


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Logo Designs

Your logo is the essence of your brand and the foundational building block of your corporate or brand identity. We custom-design business logos that tick all the boxes! We research your business, your competitors, and your industry, to ensure that your logo will be relevant, relatable, and stand out from the crowd. Our original logo designs are eye-catching, professional, memorable, and timeless; and will look good on all applications and across all your chosen media.

Business Card Designs

A well-designed, attractive business card is a cost-effective and powerful marketing tool that has the potential to win you long-term customers. Make a winning first impression with a custom business card created by Leef Designs. Skilfully tailored to your specific needs, your business card is more than an easy way to share your contact information, it is a reflection of your brand.


Ensure that your social media platforms are eye-catching and easily identifiable as your brand. Brand consistency is an important factor in terms of successful digital marketing. Leef Designs will design your social media banners and posters, to ensure that they comply with your brand specifications.
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A professional-looking presentation gives credibility to your brand. Our presentations are designed and customized to meet your specific needs. We will showcase your brand with creative visuals and proffesional animations. 


You may be tempted to save money by hiring an inexperienced graphic designer for graphic design projects or even try doing it yourself. This often costs more money in the long run, as you will likely end up hiring a professional to re-do the work or you will spend so many hours working on it, that your business of making sales doesn’t get done. If you are a startup business, without a massive budget, it is better to start with a logo and get the basics right than hire the cheapest freelancer to create your brand visuals and marketing collateral.
Leef Designs offers a wide range of expert graphic design services, to get you started on your business journey. The value of an expertly-designed logo, business card, and other brand essentials, cannot be overemphasized.
If you have been in business for some time, but need to have your logo and other brand materials remodelled, Leef Designs will help you to take your corporate identity (and business) to the next level.


Are your digital and print materials eye-catching, expertly designed, and effective or are they accurate but sadly ordinary?
Leef Designs understands how passionate you are about your business and respects the level of hard work and resources you have dedicated to ensure that your products or services are ready for the market. As your graphic design specialist, we are here to help you create awareness of your brand, and attract new customers with expert graphic design. Visit our graphic design portfolio page to see samples of our creative work.


We understand the importance of presenting your brand in a visually appealing way that resonates with your target audience. As your brand image plays a vital role in how your customers perceive your business, we ensure that your graphic design materials are of the highest standard.


Achieve a cohesive brand message across all your chosen channels, including your website, social media platforms, business cards, brochures, and email marketing. We ensure that your brand is easily recognizable, by using graphics, logos, fonts, and colours in a way that corresponds to your brand identity.


Professional graphic design is targeted, impactful and convincing, and will attract your ideal customers to your brand. Your potential customers are less likely to pay attention to poorly-designed marketing materials, let alone engage with your brand. This can be damaging to your brand image and hinder growth.


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If you have started a new business and need expert branding or would like to have your existing marketing assets updated, we would love to hear from you!
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