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Step 1

· When you log into your Squarespace account, you will be greeted with a dashboard that looks something like this.

Step 2

· Find the website you want to add the user to; and then click the (···) button

· There you will find “Settings”, click that

Step 3

· From here click, “Domains”

Step 4

· From here you can either connect, transfer or buy a new domain. 

Godaddy Domain | DNS

Step 5

· From here enter in the domain you want to connect and then click, “Connect Domain”

Step 6

· Follow the setup guide and click "Get Started"

Step 7

· Make sure you're signed in on your GoDaddy account

Step 8

· Follow the setup guide 

· Under DNS Management in GoDaddy, add the following nameservers prompted

Need more help?

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